Weekly special

Available: October 17 - 21 Price: $10.50

MisoOnigiri - Try on our take on the famous Onigiri. A modern take on traditional Japanese rice balls stuffed with your choice of fresh tuna or shrimp brought to life with a MisoHungry spin to it. šŸ¤­

Our Promise

Since we opened our doors in 2021, MisoHungry - PW has been a staple amongst sushi lovers around the island; and events for catering quality and delicious sushi within the republic. Our passion for quality & flavor profiles with our commitment to handpicking the freshest fish and using the highest quality ingredients by supporting local 100%. Our team of inovative sushi chefs creates fresh and tasty dishes which have garnered MisoHungryPW a loyal following of satisfied guests through the years.

At MisoHungryPW, we continue to strive for innovation and expansion in our menu services. In addition to our signature Grab & Go Sushi Boxes and one-of-kind specialty rolls. We also provide customize your own sushi rolls to your satisfaction.